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If you have no idea what’s bringing you down – then iridology can help. We’ll use a scope to take a close look at your eyes in a safe and non-invasive manner.The old quote tells you that “The eyes are the window to the soul”. But with iridology, your eyes are the window to your body!

Do you know why you’re often feeling sick and tired?

With the use of a scope we can see if there are any accumulations in your eye that have built up over the years. Depending on where the accumulations are located in your eye, we can correlate that to specific internal organs that reveal where the weaknesses are in your body.

Iridology can be used as a warning sign as accumulations can start to be built up in your eyes before you start to feel the symptoms of ill health. These accumulations can even reveal if you have certain hereditary predispositions towards weaknesses in specific organs that you may not even be aware of.
Using our other modalities, we can work to strengthen those weaknesses so you can bring your life into balance start feeling healthy and energetic.

Marcello Di Carlo is passionate about caring for people who just wish their bodies would start working properly! It started when a member of his family became ill and conventional medicine couldn’t help. Desperate to find a solution, Marcello started researching other health care options.

This is how he discovered BIE. Within five sessions, his relative’s life was transformed from one of pain and suffering to one of health.
This transformation is what Marcello wants to see you experience.
Rather than just treating symptoms with medications and pain killers, Marcello’s expertise is in discovering and dealing with the root cause of your symptoms by using what he learned in Bio Energy Healing, Holistic Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology and Iridology.
Every one of your symptoms can help guide Marcello to discover the root cause of your health problems.
He’s worked with wide range of issues and is excited every time a client like you achieves optimum health.  Marcello’s also dedicated to continued research in the natural health care field and is honoured to advocate health and help people like you.

Come meet Marcello and discover your pathway to healing.

Holistic Nutritional Counselling
Initial Consultation:   We’ll review your current health state and goals. A 7-Day meal plan, tips and handouts will be provided as well as, supplement  recommendations.


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